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Mears, Smith, Houser and Boyle, P.C. is fiercely dedicated to advocating the rights and claims of our clients. Together, the firm's lawyers have over 250 years of litigation in court room experience. Since 1984, MSHB has been, and continues to be, committed to professional, value-added resolution of complex legal issues. Our mission is to provide clients with practical and honest representation of their claims. Each of our experienced trial lawyers has handled many high valued cases dealing with the tragic death of loved ones or the profoundly disabled family members caused by motor vehicle accidents, dangerous product defects, and defective property conditions. Our highly experienced and seasoned attorneys are here for you – our client.

Where can I find the extension numbers?

On our website, go to Team --> and click the phone under their name for their extension. 

I did not get a response to my email or call from my attorney.

For emails, ensure your email was delivered. If you require assistance, email the MSHB Tech Dept at

For phone calls, please allow a 24-48 hour return call window. If you require immediate assistance, please contact your attorney's paralegal. 

What is the best way to contact my attorney?

Email, Phone, and voicemail are all viable options, depending on your attorney's preference. 

I have additional questions.

Please contact MSHB at
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Manager of Estates

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