Emergency Services Law

Are you up-to-date on emergency services protocols? 

When you work with MSHB, you will have access to a complete range of legal services available to emergency personnel and corporations. Kim Ross Houser, Esquire, has a unique background in specialized emergency services. He will come directly to your facility, privately consult with your group, and provide the most up-to-date information at a reasonable expense. Kim Ross Houser is a 404___EMS-Firefighter Officer. He will defend or litigate to protect your Fire Department, Fire Company, Ambulance Company or nonprofit corporations.

We can economically provide the following services:

  • Amend articles & Bylaws (Rewrites).

  • Help acquire 501(C)(3) status.

  • Guidance on tough corporate issues - officer fraud, discipline processes, command problems, and governance problems

  • SOG development or litigation.

  • Assist with federal and state grant writing or problems

  • Deal with problem Firemen clubs, auxiliaries, and outside agencies.

  • Defend members for the organizations when needed.